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Client feed back is one of the main criteria that our funders use in their decisions to continue their

support for the Safe Haven project.

Your help in providing comments on the quality of service given really make a difference to our future

operations and help us to improve wherever we can.

Please use the link below to leave us your views on your experience of Safe Haven.

Any feedback that we may use will not display any personal data.

Feedback email : [email protected]

Many thanks to the member of your team who gave us directions on Sat 17 June and then to our surprise told us to hop in the car and gave us a lift back to the hotel

We had a great weekend in Norwich which was made just that bit more enjoyable by this friendly ,caring attitude from your staff.

We wish you well with the service you perform for the public in Norwich. Best Wishes( Mike and Veronique.)

Flip flop service is amazing help ,donuts to die for!Company even better. Big up to Safe Haven : (Em and Bella )

Wonderful people,amazing service: looked after until my boyfriend arrivedAmazing!So glad to have been helped.( Megan)

Thank you for rescuing us!Everyone was very nice and we are much happier and warmer now. Jess and Kelly(Cambridge)

Thank you for a massive help.I really don't know how I would have got my friend home.You are real saviours! Thank you (Oliver).

Fantastic help. Exactly what a night out in Norwich needs. Please keep on.(John)

Thank you so much for getting me back to my hostel safely.(16)

Thank you all for looking after my friend plus a much needed tea.(Jess: Australia)

You were all so welcoming and lovely. We were lucky you had phone charging and your support.Thanks for the water and you

are all amazing.(Georgia: London)

A much needed tea!You were so welcoming and lovely we felt very lucky to be able to charge our phones and have your support

plus water etc. You are all amazing! Georgia(UEA) London and Cornwall 30.9.17

Very impressed: good service; Emily (UEA) 30.9.17

Thanks for the taxi to UEA Julia 29.9.17

You guys are amazing. Thank You for getting me home safely: Callum 30.9.17

You are the best; Rachel 1.10.17(Travel arranged home)

Excellent service and good advice Helps many people. Matt(UEA) 1.10.17

Fab service.Really helpful and a great service: Anna (UEA) 1.10.17

Keep up the good service; Lucy UEA

We love you Safe Haven: Absolute saviours! Milly (UEA)

Would like to say a huge thank you to Safe Haven for refreshments and arranging taxis. Absolute soldiers Tim(UEA)

Sorted out tonight. Great bunch,amazing service. Keep it up! Joel(UEA)

Great bunch:Lucie (UEA

Thank you for your help! You were all amazing; Sam UEA 6.10.17

Thank you sooo much. So much appreciated:Sydney UEA

You guys are amazing.I want to thank you cool guys so much.Anna 7.10.17

Thank you! Great place: should be more support for places like this James 7.10.17

A big thanks: Jake 7.10.17

I had no idea that you would arrange transport home by taxi: Great: Lizzie

Warm,and friendly.Great Place: Alfred:

I managed to get warmed up at last: Mark

You guys are amazing. You deserve a medal.Thanks to the taxi driver who brought me in and the staff who took me to find my

lost bag and keys and then arranged to get me home safely: Una 21.10.17.

. Outstanding service. Really the nicest people: Erin 21.10.17

Thank you for keeping me warm.much better than a cold bench! Margaret 21.10.17.

Amazing job charging my phone and arranging to get me home after I lost my jacket and documents etc. Many thanks Ryan 27.10.17

Hi There: your lovely team looked after me on Saturday night and i really wanted to say thank you so much for all your support, medical help and getting me home safely. I am so grateful to your volunteers who give up their time to look after people like me.Beth 16.11.17

Thank you so much for the warm up and phone charge etc. very helpful UEA Students 18.11.17

Very grateful for helping get home to North Walsham after my fall. Mr B: 24.11,.17

Lifesavers!phone charged,cab booked,friendly ear turned. Thanks so much: Joe 25.11.17

I am so grateful that you saw me on the street and looked after me,,kept me warm and took me home. Great job you guys. Jake 2.12.17

I am so grateful to you guys for getting me off the street after my assault ,cleaning me up and taking me to A&E for check up. good job you all do. Louie 8.12.17.

What amazing service from volunteers in getting me home safely when i felt unwell in the city. Never would have made it without you all.Steph 8.12.17.

Great excellent humorous staff: Thanks for your help. Gemma 9.12.17.

Thanks to all the team who helped me and my friends after a nasty fall. Cleaned and treated my friend and got us all home safely. You"re all ANGELS!!!xx Kerry

Wanted to post online so this is the best i can do!.Visiting friends in Norwich from Birmingham and got separated on a night out.Popped in to ask directions and the guys were absolutely awesome and offered a lift to my friends house.I have never seen this service and thinks its an amazing scheme.They didn't have

to drop me back to my friends house who i was staying with. I needed pointing in the right direction but they went above and beyond the service they offer

in driving me where i needed to go. Top guys. Norwich obviously care about the people that live here to support this charity.Very responsible and i

will be recommending this scheme to my friends on the council in Birmingham to take a look at. Awesome guys. Keep it up! Craig 10.12.17.

Absolutely Brilliant Staff:After sorting out my friends they were so supportive as i really don't know what we would have done. Jade 16.12.17

All very polite and caring staff up for a banter!Cant say thank you enough. Alex 17.12.17

Really great job in finding my friend Kerry on the street and contacting us as we had been looking for some time. Great attention to her and a safe place to wait for our collection by a friend; Mike 17.12.17.

Am i so grateful to your staff for caring for me when i was vulnerable and escorting me home when i was unable to think straight! Sam 17.12.17.

How weird!. Called in to Safe Haven on the off chance and was supplied with replacement trousers as mine had split so i am off to continue my night!

Cant thank you enough for saving my weekend. Carl(Canada) 22.12.17..

Many thanks for returning my son safely home on Saturday night> Really grateful that some is out there to help! Mickeys Mum.23.12.17.

Huge thanks to Safe Haven for rescuing my daughter who was taken ill(medically) on Prince of Wales Rd Friday night./You ensured both her and her friends safety and contacted me to come and collect her. Well done and sincere thanks.Alan 30.12.17.

I just want to say a VERY big thank you to all that helped my friend Sadie last night in her hour of need. Your team were all so caring(especially the volunteer

who sat with us for some time). A massive big thank you for your support and getting us home safely. Your project is an absolute credit. SDL 31.12.17.

I m writing this email to thank your team for their support in Norwich on New Years Eve. Unfortunately for reasons not of my doing i ended up very

unwell and unsure of my surroundings. I was taken to the building the volunteers were in and my boyfriend( who stayed with me) told me next day

he was given a lot of support, advice and praise through what was a very scary situation for him to witness. I myself don't have a lot of recollection but i remember being looked after by a woman in Roccos who explained what was happening to me, how i should expect to feel coming round and how it

wasn t my fault.This email is mostly aimed at her for being so kind and informative while i was recovering.Thank you so much for all your work, all your volunteers do an incredible job so I would appreciate my thanks being passed on. RG: 2.1.18.

Dear Safe Haven volunteers:I would like to thank you all for the way you helped me on New Years Eve. I was having a great night out but suddenly everything changed.I don't really remember much as i became unconscious and found myself alone in the street. Luckily my sister saw me and came to get help

in the shape of your organization.The whole incident was very frightening and in the days that followed i needed to be seen by a doctor for an

allergic reaction maybe due to a spiking substance. Myself and my friends never really believed this sort of thing could happen to us but have

sadly been proved wrong. We are all so grateful you were there to help and nothing worse happened to me. So,please pass on a big thank you to all your team

as i am extremely grateful to you all. LMC 8.9.18.

Thank you so much for getting my mother in law and us home on Saturday night. I really don't know what we would have done without you as the

taxi firm refused to take us despite pleas that she was just unwell. Really really good job. Thanks again. MR Coltishall.14.1.18

Dear members of Safe Haven: i would like to apologise for the lateness of this email,however i would like to leave you with some feedback for

the outstanding care i was given on 18 November last. I think it would be safe to say that i would have been taken to A&E if it was not for the

efforts that you made to ensure my safety. I would like to thank and congratulate everyone for everything that was done for me that night

including transport home for me and my friend.Although my memory is impaired,my friend explained everything that happened and told me of the

gratuitous nature of your staff in keeping me alive""because who knows what could have happened to me if it wasn't for Safe Haven"

Your service is highly appreciated. So thank you once again,not only for looking after me but for for caring so professionally too.

Norwich is truly a much safer place with the likes of Safe Haven and its volunteers. Keep up the great work guys.Best wishes and many thanks.Iain.1.18.

I cannot thank you enough for helping me last night, I am eternally grateful for your help and getting me safely back to UEA when i lost my friends.Harriet 4.2.18.

You guys cannot get enough credit for what you do. Superb help with my friend who was taken ill on Saturday night. Cheers: Stuart 3.3.18..

Thank you so much for helping tonight: my daughter is home safe and sound: still confused as to why she is wearing the flip flops: A: 25.3.18.

I would just like to thank your staff very much for getting my wife home to Spixworth after being sent to you by the Police. We are grateful she was

safe and sound after losing her friends etc. Great job. Hubby 2.4.18.

How good are you Safe Haven to contact me on Face Book so i could collect my friend Isabelle from you to take her home to Saxmundham.

Thank you all so much Mia 2.4.18.

Many thanks to the kind gentleman(Simon?) who gave me a lift back to my hotel after i asked him to point me in the right direction!

Its a great thing to have in a City centre. Keep up with the great work you all do! Thanks again . Neil 2.4.18.

Thank you so much for looking after me and arranging transport to my hotel. Much appreciated. Ellie 23.4.18.

Great job charged.mates contacted and escorted to club to find them! Great project! Wish we had a Safe Haven my home town of Brighton.G 23.4.18

Hi: just a big thank you for getting me back to my hotel safely when I felt threatened. You guys are just brilliant! Kelly 27.4.18.

Never thought you could look after us and arrange for us to get home (after three hours of wandering )we are so glad we found you.Curtis/Hamish 29.4.18

What a great project. Kept my partner safe and warm and arranged for mum to collect us. Many thanks John. 30.4.18.

Many thanks to Safe Haven for keeping our friend safe and looking after us all at your nice warm office and arranging taxis forand I got made the best cup of tea!

us all to get home. Jess 5.5.18.

Hi all. My sister was unwell and lost, I didn't need to look for long as the first police officer I spoke to confirmed her location as Safe Haven.

Everyone on scene was informative, friendly and responsive.The level of communication between door staff, Safe Haven and Police

Officers was stellar and as a worried older brother scouring the streets in panic my mind was soon put at ease. I would like to

say a massive thank you to everyone on scene tonight, especially Ra who was able to comfort my younger sister in an extremely professional but

non intimidating way, Safe Haven is a superb organization and is named exquisitely, as it provides just that for both young and vulnerable

individuals alike. Jack M 8.5.18.

Thanks for looking after me and charging my phone. Got me out of trouble. T 30.5.18.

Great job you all do. Will 30.5.18

`Thank you for everything you did for me and taking care of me. I felt safe!TR.Thank you for keeping my son TR safe. Good service. Mum 29.5.18

Just wanted to send an email to say thank you!early hours of the 27th me and my boyfriend were brought by ambulance to SafeHaven whilst we waited

for collection by relatives.My boyfriends drink had been spiked and he wasn't in the best of states but you looked after us both,made us very comfortable and despite the situation even made us laugh!Thank you all so so much, you are all amazing! Em.30.5.18.

Thank you. you were our saviours! Warmth and flip flops. A 2.6.18

Great vote of thanks for your help. Lots of love. E. 3.6.28

Very grateful for your help and support. much appreciated. M. 3.6.18.

Thanks for the hospitality(inc. biscuits) Sophie 3.6.18.

Thanks a bunch for getting me back to my hotel y.My discussion with your staff cheered me up and gave me a whole new outlook on my personal safety.

Thanks again Olwyn 10.6.18.

Thank you for looking after my son after he left his friends to come home and was hit by a serious case of "fresh air". He had called a taxi but became disorientated and vulnerable until you guys showed up and took him in and kept him safe and warm until I could arrive to collect him.

Its an amazing service but as a parent I sincerely thank you for looking after my boy while he s learning to grow up! Mum M 11.6.18.

Thanks to the Safe Haven team for the fantastic way in which you provide a service for those in need and work so closely with us.

Norwich Street Partnership (10.6.18).

Hi guys: I am the idiot that fell asleep on the last train to Norwich last night(missing my stop). I just wanted to express my thanks for your kindness and assistance.

The charge in my phone and the coffee and wagon wheels in me made the night and early morning seem more manageable. From one front line worker to another thank you sincerely. If you find yourself in London in need of assistance I hope I can return the favour.Thanks. DC 18.6.18.Stay Safe guys.

Just a big thank you for caring for me after a nasty assault and taking me to get checked out. Very grateful for the service. Aaron 18.6.18

Just a big thank you to security staff, Safe haven staff and all who helped me to get safely to A&E after my fall. Great Job: Bev 1.07.18

Thanks for the first aid, hot drinks and looking after my friend on an eventful birthday night out .Owen and Annabelle 17.07.18

Thank you for getting me home safely: much appreciated. Alex 21.718

Thank you so much for your help. Alice 28.7.18

So handy getting my phone charged and it helped me contact my friends for a lift home. Thanks again Lauren 11.8.18.

Thanks for the rest break,help and phone charge. The company was even better!! Frances 12.8.18.

I just wanted to say thank you very much for dropping me to my Travelodge last night. I was walking back alone and was surprised and very pleased to be taken back safely. Very friendly team and I am very grateful. Maddy 19.8.18

Thanks very much for rescuing my son . Last night and looking after him until I could collect from your unit. Didn't have anything as good as your outfit in my day unfortunately. Thanks again NW 19.8.18.

To all the team:just a quick email to the team who looked after my son J in the early hours of Sunday morning.Thank you for your help and taking care of him and rest assured the hangover lasted well into Sunday evening and the embarrassment is ongoing Hopefully our paths will not cross again and I mean that in the nicest possible way. With many thanks and regards W.20.8.18.

Thanks again for your work last night.Although the injured lady by a fall did not have a serious injury it was good for us to be able to call on your team for first aid support.Many of those at the party expressed their gratitude and admiration for your and our work. Working together as teams is so important and enhances our potential for supporting those in need. J. Norwich Street Pastors 25.8.18.

I would like to thank you for supporting my profoundly deaf friend last night (P) It was much appreciated that you kept him from harm. Michelle 25.8.18.

Really grateful for your help and getting me to hospital after by birthday fall in the wet conditions. Cheers boys . Alan 26.8.18.

Really appreciate your getting my 2 fiends and I home last night as we would never have made it without you.Really nice staff and thanks.M.2.9.18

Great help for myself and Benjy . Phone charged, recued from the streets and looked after. Good job Mia 2.9.18.

A huge thank you to the ladies and gentlemen who took care of my daughter this evening until I got there to collect her.It gave me great peace of mind to

know she was safe and being cared for. You guys are just brilliant. Thank you so much. Sara 9.9.18.

Fantastic job looking after my daughter R on Saturday night. Thank you all very much Dad.16.9.18.

Unfortunately my friend and I found ourselves in a situation on sat night where we both needed help , we should know better at our age , and the help that we got from you guys was fantastic , feeling rather embarrassed to have needed your help but without you we would have been in a muddle . Your help was given in such a non judgmental friendly way and it's such a comfort to know that their is a safe place for people to go and your service will definitely be helping the other emergency services by reducing their workload . Emma 1.10.19.

Thank you for your kind help with a warm up and drink.If I hadn't been able to charge my phone I would have been totally stranded in Norwich for the night.

Thank you all so much: Jed 5.10.18

You people are so good in giving such wonderful help.Thank you. Hayley 8.10.18.